MathElf Shutdown Tutor FAQ

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When will we stop being able to help students on MathElf?

Students can continue to connect with tutors on MathElf until August 31 at 10am PT. We expect there to be very few new students as we are no longer advertising for the service, but existing users may still be using MathElf until then.


Can I stop working earlier?

We understand that some of you will choose to stop tutoring before our last day. How much you work in our last few weeks is entirely up to you.


When will our last payment be sent?

You’ll receive your last payments for sessions with students and bonuses from the month of August on Monday, September 3 via PayPal.


Can I keep working with my regular students?

Yes! We would love for you to continue the relationships with parents and students you’ve built. We will keep messaging open through the MathElf app until October 31 to help you connect with your students. Please feel free to share your contact information and begin working with your students outside of MathElf at any point. Let us know if we can help you get in touch with any of your students or their parents.


What about my session data?

Whiteboard notes and videos will be available in the app and on the MathElf website until October 31. You are encouraged to download and save any that you’d like to keep.

If you’d like a spreadsheet with session details for your records, contact before August 31.


What are the important shut down dates?

August 31 - 10:00 AM Pacific time - Students can no longer request sessions

September 3 - Final payments for sessions and bonuses are sent

September 11 - Last day for Slack

October 31 - Last day for MathElf app and website, including access to messaging and past session data. This is also the last day for contacting MathElf Support via email or our 800#.


What contact info should I list for MathElf when applying for other jobs?


222 Kearny St., Fl 8

San Francisco, CA 94108


Do you have any resources for other jobs?

We have created a Slack channel, #new-jobs, so that tutors can share ideas and opportunities with each other. We’ll keep Slack open until September 15 to allow tutors to share opportunities, ask questions, or exchange contact info with one another.


How do taxes work?

MathElf’s tutors are considered independent contractors. Because we pay through PayPal, the government does not want us to generate any official documents, so you will not receive a 1099 or W2 from us for the tax year. You can, however, get your total MathElf income for the year from PayPal to use when filing your taxes. Please direct any specific questions about independent contractor income without a 1099 to a tax professional.

Past earnings information will be available on until October 31. If you’d like a spreadsheet with session details for your records, let us know.


I have more questions. Where do I ask them?

You can email or call 1-800-301-1543 until October 31. You can also reach out on the new #shutdown-questions Slack channel until September 15.

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