MathElf Shutdown Student FAQ

Sarah Snyder -

How long can I keep using MathElf to get help?

You will be able to connect with tutors at MathElf until 10:00 AM Pacific time on August 31, 2018.


Can I keep working with my tutors outside of MathElf?

Yes! We’d love for you and your favorite tutors to continue working together. We will keep MathElf messaging running until October 31 so that you’ll have time to coordinate and share contact information with any past tutors you’d like to continue working with outside of MathElf.


What happens to my minutes?

Any minutes you’ve purchased at MathElf that aren’t used will be refunded to your credit card on August 31.


Can I still buy more minutes?

The purchase of minutes will be disabled very soon. If you think you'll need more time before August 31, please purchase ASAP


How long can I access my whiteboard notes and videos?

Whiteboard notes and videos will be available in the app and on the MathElf website until October 31. You are encouraged to download and save any that you’d like to keep.


How can I contact MathElf with additional questions?

You can reach us at or 1-800-301-1543 until October 31.

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