Connection/Internet Trouble

Sarah Snyder -

If you see this banner in the app while waiting for students:


or this one during a session:


you are not connecting to our server. This is most often due to trouble with your internet.


Internet issues can also cause:

  • choppy audio
  • grainy or choppy video
  • lag in your writing
  • delays in seeing what your student has written
  • delays in the student seeing what you have written

Internet issues are most often caused by a slow connection, but can also happen if your connection speed is changing. 

Tips for dealing with internet issues:

1. Try moving closer to your router. The farther away you are, the slower your connection will be. You have the strongest connection to your router when you see the most lines on your WiFi indicator on your device:

2. Those bars indicate how strong the connection is between your device and your router, not how well your internet is actually working. If you're experiencing connection issues and have a good connection to your router, check to see if your internet is working for other apps on that device or by running a speed test.

3. If your internet isn't working properly, try changing to a different network (if you can) or resetting your router. 

4. If your internet is working on other devices, but not your iPad, try restarting your iPad. 

5. Your internet can also run slower if you have a lot of devices that are using your internet at once. Just being connected shouldn't be an issue, but you could run into bandwidth issues if you have several devices streaming video at the same time. 

6. Reach out on the Slack channel "bugs" if you need help!

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