What to do when you're waiting for students

Sarah Snyder -

When you're waiting for students make sure:

  • Your iPad is near by so you can quickly claim students when a request comes in.
  • Your ringer/notification volume is turned up (and not going to headphones you aren't wearing) so you can hear notifications.
  • You have good, stable internet.
  • You're prepared to tutor.
    • Any supplies you need are handy.
    • You can quickly be in a workspace that is quiet and free from distractions.
    • You're ready for live video in sessions with paying users.


You don't have to just stare at the app!

While claiming is faster if your iPad is in your lap and the app is open to the Home tab, you can do other things while you're waiting on students. You'll still get notifications about incoming requests if you're on other tabs in the app, using other apps on your iPad, or even if your iPad screen is locked/sleeping. 

To remain active when you're using your iPad for other things, open the app periodically or confirm you're still active on the notification you'll see if the app hasn't been opened in the past 15 minutes.

To remain active when you're in the MathTutor app, tap the screen now and then or confirm you're still active on the notification you'll see if you haven't touched anything in the past 15 minutes.

MathElf tutors do lots of other things while waiting on students, especially during times of day when it's slower. Waiting on students doesn't have to be wasted time. Look for ways to multi-task. This will also help you fit more tutoring into your day. Here are some popular suggestions from tutors:

  • Grade papers or work on lesson plans
  • Do household chores that are easy to walk away from quickly - like folding laundry
  • Watch movies or tv
  • Read - especially on your iPad
  • Look at past student requests on the Activity tab and try out problems to prepare for future sessions or see if you might be able to expand your subjects.

If you need more suggestions or ideas, talk to Sarah or ask your fellow tutors about what they do.


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