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How to start a message:

Begin a message thread with a student using:

  • the compose button in the upper right on the Messages tab

  • the message student button on past sessions in the Sessions tab

  • the message student button on your upcoming booked sessions display


The Messages Tab:

Your past conversations are in the Messages tab. Tap any conversation to open it and view or send a messages. 

Messages will be sent to the student in their MathElf app and responses will arrive in your tutor app. You’ll get a notification on your iPad when a message comes in and will also see a badge on your Messages tab if you have unread messages.



Here's what messaging looks like in the student app:

Students can choose to message a tutor from their tutor profile using the message button.


Students can view and send messages in their Messages tab

IMG_1268.PNG  IMG_1264.PNG





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