Your First Time Working with a Student

Sarah Snyder -

Whether or not a student's first time using MathElf, your first time working with any student can be a great opportunity to form a relationship and get a new, regular student. 

Here are some pointers for a great first session together:

1. Welcome your student. Remember to introduce yourself. Treat this like you were meeting someone in person for the very first time.

2. Use good triage techniques to figure out how to best help this student.

3. At the end of your session:

  • Thank the student for working with you.
  • Be sure they know you'd like to work with them again the next time they need help. 
  • Recommend reconnecting with you or booking future sessions - and make sure they know how that works.


How to tell if you've worked together before:
If you're not sure whether or not this is your first time with a student, tap their avatar during your session. If you have worked together before, you'll see the date of your last session in a gold bar at the top of the student info display.


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