Working with Free-Trial Students

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In addition to needing help with math, students who are new to MathElf often need help from our tutors to learn how MathElf works. You can tell a student is a free-trial user because their session will not have live video.

The better their introduction to MathElf is, the more likely it is they'll continue to use MathElf and also work with you. Here are some key points for introducing new students to the app:

Whiteboard Tour

Understanding the whiteboard makes a big difference in being comfortable using tools during a session.

If this is your student's first session...

  • Welcome them to MathElf.
  • Offer to show them around their whiteboard quickly before you get started.
  • Point out key tools like the pen, eraser, and camera. Make sure they know they can write on the board.
  • Ask if they have any questions about how MathElf works before you get started on the math.
  • Encourage your student to write on the whiteboard as you work through their math problem together.

To see if this is their first session, tap the student avatar at the top of the page. The first time they connect with a tutor, 'New Student' will say 'yes.'



If it's not their first session...
After your greeting, but before jumping into their math problem, ask if they're familiar with the whiteboard tools. Their first session may have gotten cut off before they got that far. If not, treat them like you would a first-time user.

Be sure you're familiar with the student whiteboard so that you can point students in the right direction for tools. Remember - student whiteboard tools and tool locations are different for iPad and iPhone users. Click here for details on the student whiteboard.


Session Wrap-Up

At the end of your session, take a moment to talk to them about how the rest of the app works - they won't have a tutor to help explain things once the session ends. This is also a great opportunity to help the student continue working with you in the future. 

Key Points:

To make this process easier, we've added some pictures you can upload. Tap the gear on your tool bar to open the Settings menu. Under paper types, you'll see Reconnect and Buy Minutes. Selecting those will upload a picture with helpful info and pictures of buttons in the student app they'll need to use. 

If you won't finish before time runs out...
Keep an eye out for the low minutes warning. Five minutes is a lot longer than you might expect in a session, so don't rush. Look for a good point to stop working to talk about MathElf, such as between problems or even between parts of a problem. Be sure to leave yourself at least a minute and set expectations before time runs out so that the student isn't caught off-guard when the whiteboard disappears.

When their time runs out completely, audio will stay connected while they view the Buy Minutes options. You can use that time to answer any additional questions about MathElf. If students buy minutes from that screen, you can get back to work right away!

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