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All new MathElf students automatically get free minutes to try out MathElf. After those are used up, students need to purchase minutes to keep working with our tutors.


Where can I buy minutes?

Student can buy minutes at the end of a session when they run out of minutes, on the Buy tab in the app, or by logging into their account at 

Click here to learn more about students buying minutes.


How much does it cost?

We have three minutes packages available, all of which are a total rate of 50 cents per minute: 

  • 30 minutes for $15
  • 120 minutes for $60 
  • 300 minutes for $150

Prices are all listed in US dollars, but the current conversion rate will be used for students in other countries, so they can also purchase minutes!

Can I buy minutes during a session?

When a student's minutes run out, they will be prompted to buy minutes during their session. Click here to learn more about that!

Students can also purchase minutes on our website at any time during a session. Those minutes will be added to their account right away, so it could even prevent a session from being interrupted!


What forms of payment do you accept?

MathElf accepts all major credit cards for payment but cannot accept PayPal, iTunes money, or other forms of payment. Payments can be made with prepaid cards, like Visa gift cards, as well.




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