Key tips for a successful demo!

Katie Gandolfo -

Use lots of colors and highlighters!

One of the key aspects of our demonstrations is to show off our amazing product. Make sure you use different colors and highlighters so that the potential users on the other end can see how great our app really is!

Don’t go into a lot of detail.

Remember: we aren’t teaching the people on the other end. Odds are, they already know how to do what you’re showing them. The goal is for them to see the tools and hear that the video and audio are synced. Walk them through the steps to solve the problem, but you don’t need to focus on in-depth, interactive teaching.

Take your lead from the person running the demo.

Sometimes in a demo, the team member on the other end will interrupt what you’re doing and ask you to do something else (e.g. draw a shape, add in a photo, change paper type, etc.). They have a plan for what they’re showing their potential user. Just go with it and be flexible! And it is totally fine to ask them to repeat the request or clarify what they are asking.


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