Create great session notes.

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Create new pages instead of erasing.

One great benefit of MathElf being digital is that we have an infinite number of pages available! It's great for students to be able to go back and look at their past sessions to review later. It's also really helpful in a session to be able to flip back to past work and remind the student about past steps or let them look at what you've already done. When you run out of room on one page, just make a new one to keep working!

Make your notes clear and easy to follow.

We work with students with a big variety of learning styles. In addition to clearly explaining things while you're talking to a student, having clear and easy to follow notes is important to make sure that the student gets the most out of their session. A good thing I like to ask myself is whether or not my student would be able to remember what we did or where a number came from the next day if they looked back at the notes.

Use more colors and highlighters to enhance notes.

Having more dynamic session notes can really improve your student's experience. Students respond really well to the use of the different pen colors and highlighters to help assist them in making connections in the math during the session and can provide helpful reminders if they look back at the notes later.



There are many ways to use pens or highlighters to enhance your notes. Find what works best for you. Here are just a few examples of ways you can incorporate colors into your sessions. You'll get so many more "lightbulb" moments from students when they can better visualize what's happening. Don't forget that you can highlight on student photos too!

Use colors to show which values are equivalent:

IMG_0557.PNG     IMG_0834.PNG

IMG_0838.PNG     IMG_0519.PNG

Use colors to show which parts of a diagram go together:

IMG_0770.PNG     IMG_0759.PNG

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