Don't do the work for your students!

Katie Gandolfo -

Students who participate in their sessions are the ones who are the happiest with their tutoring. They learn more, retain more, have better success in their math class overall, and are more likely to reconnect and book with that tutor later. In a tutoring session, the students should be doing as many of the steps in a problem as possible. If they aren't sure what to do, explain what the next step is and why. At the end of working on a problem, they should be able to apply the what they learned with you to do a similar problem on their own.

In your sessions, avoid doing the problem for the student and talking about the steps as you go. Try to focus more on helping the students do the work and figuring things out themselves. A great way to start is to ask them if they know how to get started on a problem before you do anything. See if they know what formulas or processes they need to use. If not, make sure to explain how to get started. Instead of doing a step, ask the student to do it, then see if they know what to do next. Help when they're stuck, but don't just do their work for them!

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