What is mathelf?

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MathElf is a remote tutoring app that lets middle and high school students connect with expert math tutors for both on-demand and scheduled tutoring sessions using a shared whiteboard.

First session is free; no credit card required. Additional sessions are billed at 50 cents/minute ($30/hour). Pay for what you need.

• Connect to a real tutor in minutes for on-demand tutoring sessions or problem help.
• Get help whenever you need it, no matter where you are.
• Schedule sessions to connect with favorite tutors at preferred times.
• Work in a shared whiteboard.
• Chat with your tutor using in-app audio.
• Get help on a single problem or connect for more comprehensive support in a full tutoring session.

• Take pictures of your homework and work directly on the images in the canvas.
• Access your full session history and view previous session notes any time.
• Easily change colors, pens, highlighters, and paper type to create more dynamic lessons.

• Tutoring sessions are $30/hour, billed by the minute (50 cents/minute).
• No subscription required.
• Students are only billed for the time they are actually working with their tutor.
• Cards will be charged when the tutor and student end the session.
• Designed for students ages 13 and up.
• Covering Algebra 1 through AP Statistics and AP Calculus.

MathElf Tutors are:
• College graduates with extensive backgrounds in tutoring and teaching.
• Passionate about education.
• Experts in the subjects they tutor.

On-demand sessions can be requested directly within the app and students will be matched with a tutor within minutes. Scheduled sessions must be arranged outside of the app, but will be conducted in-app.

What people are saying:

“This is awesome. I was talking to a tutor within a minute and he helped me figure out a really hard problem in my geometry homework.”

“Her math scores are going up! You’ve made two parents very happy.”

“It was actually kind of fun. My tutor was really nice and helpful and made it seem so easy. I felt really confident during the test today.”

“No more stressful homework nights at our house. My daughter can find a tutor at the last minute. Even at 11pm!”

“I like that I don’t have to worry about someone coming over to the house. My son can stay home and still get the help he needs. We’ll use it again.”

“My tutor was funny and made it feel fun. He also taught it to me the way my teacher does and used the same key terms, which is helpful for me.”

“I like that I can look back through the notes later if I forget something.”

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