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First time students are a great opportunity for all of our MathElf tutors! If they have a great experience, they can become long-term MathElf students! They may even become your regular student by booking or reconnecting in future sessions. The first time a student buys minutes, their past tutors are eligible for a New Student Bonus.

Click here for an example of a session with a first-time student.


Identifying New Students


On the claim card, you'll see their past session count is 0 and average session length is N/A:


During a session, you can see how many sessions a student has had before by clicking on their initials to open student info. New students will have 0 total sessions listed. 



Sample problems are an option that you will see on the requests of many new students. They'll be labeled like this:


Some new students will have uploaded their own problem, so keep an eye out!


In every first time session:

To make sure our new students are getting the best understanding of how MathElf can work for them, we want every first time student to do these things:

1. Talk.

2. Write on the screen.

3. Upload a picture.


Here's what to do:

1. Welcome the student!

Acknowledge it is their first time and let them know you'll show them around.

Say something like this:
"Hi! Welcome to MathElf! My name is Vanessa. I see it is your first time using MathElf so I'd love to show you around." 

2. Tell them that you can use the sample problem OR their own homework.

Explain that you can use the sample problem to show them how the app works or that they can switch to their own problem if they'd rather do that. 

Say something like this:
"We can use this sample problem here to give you a sense of how the app works or we can use one of your own homework problems if you have something you need help with. Did you want to get started with this one?"

If they want to use their own problem, explain how to upload a picture.

3. Work through the problem, showing how the app works as you go.

Use this opportunity to let them know about how the app works while you go through the problem.
- Ask them to write on the screen as part of working on the problem.
- Let them know they can change colors.
- Explain how to erase or use undo if they make a mistake.
- Tell the student that they can see these notes again later in the Sessions tab in the app.
- If the student hasn't had a chance to upload a picture yet when you finish the sample problem, walk them through doing that! If they don't have any homework they'd like to work on, suggest they take a picture of a book, old assignment, or even their pencil so they can see how it works!

*Remember - students have different tools in different locations on iPads and iPhones! Click here to see what the student whiteboard looks like on each device.

4. Oversell the app.

Use the sample problem that is loaded to do a demo session and be sure to engage the student as you would a real session, use LOTS of colors and highlighters.

Check out the example notes below for some ideas!

5. Talk about buying minutes, reconnecting, and booking.

At the end of your session, take some time to talk about buying minutes and future MathElf sessions.

Remind them that they start out with 15 free minutes and after that they'll have the opportunity to buy more minutes either during the session when minutes run low or after the session ends on the Buy tab. 

Click here for more information on buying minutes during a session or here for more information on the Buy tab!

Explain that they can work with you again later by going to the My Tutors tab and tapping 'Now' to work with you right away if you're available or 'Book' to book an appointment. Click here for more information on booking and reconnecting.

It's a great idea to do all of this while you're on a new page so that you can drop in screen shots of the Buy tab and My Tutors tab, or jot some notes down on the screen for them.

Example Session Notes for Sample Problems:


1st Grade:
2nd Grade:
3rd Grade:
4th Grade:
5th Grade:
6th Grade:
7th Grade:
8th Grade:
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