Seven Tips for Great MathElf Sessions

Sarah Snyder -

Seven Tips for Great Sessions

Click the links to see more information about each tip to get the most out of MathElf sessions.

  1. Welcome your student right away after they connect
    • This may take up to 1 minute - watch for the student initials to appear and listen for audio connection tones.

  2. Make the most of live video
    • Sessions with paying users will have live video to enhance your sessions. Be sure to greet your student in full screen video mode, with yourself in frame.

  3. Give help, not answers
    • Find out what they know already and what help they need. Our Triage Guide can help.
    • Encourage students to do any steps that they can. Don’t do their homework for them!
    • Help when students are confused or stuck. Provide details on concepts they don’t know.

  4. Add depth to short sessions
    • Free students have a five-minute minimum session length.
    • Provide details on topics where a student needs help.

  5. Keep an eye on minutes and set expectations when they’re low
    • The student’s remaining minutes are displayed at the top of the whiteboard.
    • Let students know when they’re low on time, but don’t rush to finish.
    • Encourage students to add minutes now to keep working or reconnect with you when they add minutes later.

  6. Help new students learn how to use MathElf
  7. Build relationships to get more repeat students
    • In addition to relationship building during sessions, you can use Parent Notes and Messaging outside of sessions to connect with students and their families.

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