Top Tips for MathElf Tutors

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Top Tips for MathElf Tutors:
  • Wait for audio to connect – When the student's audio connects, their icon will switch to the green student initials and you'll hear a notification sound. At that point you'll be able to hear each other, so you can greet them and begin the session. Click here for more detailed info on the audio notifications you'll see in the app.

  • Greet student on camera in video sessions - For paid students you've worked with before, your sessions will contain live video. Begin the session with yourself in frame to give the student a friendly greeting, and start catching up and discussing the material. At the end, make sure you're on camera again to say goodbye.
  • Welcome first time students Click here for information on how to welcome first-time students and work with the built-in sample problems.
  • Give guidance, not answers – Our goal isn't to provide answers, but rather to show the student how they can find the answers themselves. Ask questions from the start, see what they already know, and have them set up and work through the problems themselves. Then you can step in to guide them whenever they make a mistake or get confused about a core concept.

  • Add depth to short sessions - Since students have a five-minute minimum for session length, we want to make sure that all sessions contain at least five minutes of substantial material. Click here for advice on expanding short sessions.

  • Get student info – You can tap on the student's initials to see info including if/when you last worked together, whether or not the student has bought minutes, and how many minutes they have left. If they're a new user and they're low on time...
  • Encourage new students to buy minutes and connect with you again! - Toward the end of the session, let them know how they can keep using MathElf! Dropping in the pictures from the "App Info" folder in the Dropbox linked above can be a nice easy way to share this info with them.
Important info on the MathElf student app:
  • iPad vs iPhone – While your tutor app is iPad exclusive, the student app can be used on iPad or iPhone, and most students will be on an iPhone. Keep in mind that the iPhone version has a different interface, with the toolbar on the top of the screen rather than on the side:

  • Buying minutes – Students can buy minutes in the app under the “Buy” tab, on, or from the popup they see in-session when they are low on time. Pricing is $15 for 30 minutes, $60 for 120 minutes, or $150 for 300 minutes. Here is what the "Buy" page looks like on the iPhone app:

  • Pick Tutor Tab - If a students taps on your name in the Pick Tutor tab, they will be taken to your tutor profile page, where they can tap on "Connect Now" to directly connect/reconnect with you if you are currently active, or on "Book a Session" to book with you for a later time.

4.jpg   5.jpg

  • After a session – When the session ends, the student is automatically emailed a video recording of the session, which they can also access (along with the whiteboard notes) under the Sessions tab. Keep in mind that the recording starts right when your audio connects, and ends when you get to the feedback screen.

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