Angela and Yancy

Sarah Snyder -

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- At the very beginning of this session, Angela does a great job of figuring out where the student is with this problem and what method he needs to use to solve. She asks if he’s already started on the problem and if he’s supposed to be using synthetic division.

- When they get started, she asks the student to write on the screen to solve the first part for x. The student solves without writing on the screen, so Angela asks him if he can write it on the screen or if he needs her to write for him.

- The student says that he did some steps, but he’s not sure if he’s right. Angela gets him to talk her through the steps he used to solve for x.

- Once they start the actual synthetic division, Angela gets the student to help set up the problem and asks him what to do first, writes that down, then asks him what to do next over and over. The student is telling her what every step is - not just the results of calculations he’s being asked to do. This is great!

- The use of colors on the synthetic division on page 2 show where each of the numbers came from really clearly.

- When they are factoring the trinomial for the last step, it becomes clear that the student doesn’t know how to factor when the x^2 term has a coefficient other than 1. Angela shows him a process for easily factoring these types of quadratics which he’ll be able to use again later.


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