Christina and Bri

Sarah Snyder -

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This session starts with a great, friendly greeting!

Right away Christina asks Bri if she knows how to start the problem. When she says no, rather than just dive in and solve the problem for her, Christina collects more information, finding out what topic Bri is covering in Algebra. This helps Christina orient herself and figure out where to focus. It also gets Bri involved right from the start so she is ready to dive in and do the work herself. All in all this is a fabulous session start!

The best thing about this session is how often Christina checks in with Bri. This ensures that Christina is focusing in just on the part(s) Bri needs help with. By checking in with Bri so often and having her do the work herself, Christina makes it possible for Bri to tell her once she gets it and no longer needs help. We see a lot of sessions where tutors just plow through an entire problem, blowing right past the point where a student is okay and can work on her own. By listening and eliciting feedback from her student, Christina puts Bri in the drivers seat. Overall Bri was well set up to handle this problem from the start. Her only issue was setting up the two equations. Once she has those, she is off and running and can finish up on her own. 

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