Amanda and Hector

Sarah Snyder -

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This session is a great example of getting the student involved from the start - Amanda begins by asking him what techniques he already knows, and how he would set up the problem. Rather than simply telling Hector what to do, she gets information from him every step of the way, seeing what steps he would take next, having him write in parts of the equations, and getting him to come up with answers himself.

Hector struggles at times to get to the right answer, but when Amanda sees that he's having trouble, she suggests a new way of thinking about the topic, or gives him a valuable hint. She finds a really nice balance between giving the student space to think, and stepping in to help when it becomes necessary.

When Hector is low on minutes toward the end, she makes great use of screenshots of the student app to efficiently show Hector how to buy minutes and reconnect in the My Tutors tab before they run out of time.

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