Kathleen and Brooke

Sarah Snyder -

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Excellent greeting! Warm, engaging, and confident!

Kathleen opens the session by checking in to see if there is a particular problem Brooke is stuck on. This is excellent and will save them both time later because they can focus in on the areas that are giving Brooke the most trouble.

Kathleen then clarifies to make sure she knows which part of the problem to focus on.

(Brooke goes to get a pencil, so there is a long pause until 1:44 when she comes back and the session resumes)

Kathleen highlights the problem they are going to start with while Brooke is getting the pencil, so they are ready to dive in when she returns.

They begin with 19/20. Rather than just tell Brooke how to write 19/20 in ratio form, Kathleen asks Brooke if she knows how to do it and Brooke gives it a try, incorrectly guessing that they should just divide. This allows Kathleen to pinpoint a specific area of confusion and focus.

Throughout the session, Kathleen uses multiple highlighters, pens, and colors to point out other problems on the worksheet and to call out the various steps of each individual solution.

To teach Brooke how to convert 19/20 to a ratio, Kathleen chooses a random fraction (5/6) to demonstrate with. That way she hasn’t solved the problem for Brooke by the end of the mini lesson. Instead, she equips Brooke to convert 19/20 to 19:20 by herself.

Kathleen changes pages when they move to a new concept so they have lots of space to work. Brooke now has clear notes that she can use to review later if she gets stuck again.

At this point, now that Brooke is comfortable and they’ve gotten off on a good clip, Kathleen encourages Brooke to zoom in and write on the screen herself. This is great! One more way to make sure that Brooke is truly learning the material and able to do the work herself.

The session continues in this way. Notice the ease with which Kathleen prompts Brooke through the problems, teaching the mini concepts as necessary, but never giving away the answers. Brooke solves each one herself and will leave this session confident to tackle similar problems on her own.


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