What to do when a student is low on minutes.

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Your student's remaining minutes are displayed in a circle along the top toolbar.

Minutes count down showing how much time is left. The circle will change to yellow when the student has 5 minutes remaining and to red when they’re down to 2 minutes. Minutes will update when your student buys minutes.

What to do when your student is low on minutes

  • Choose a good time to bring up their minutes. You don't have to wait until they're completely done getting help. Pause between problems or parts of a problem if there's a natural break so you won't be rushed.
  • Set expectations so they aren't caught off guard when the session ends. Explain that their minutes are almost gone and that they'll need to buy more to continue.
  • Be sure the student knows that they can buy minutes right away to keep the session from ending. Click here for more info on buying minutes.
  • If the student can't buy minutes right away, make sure they know how to use the Buy tab after the session ends, and how to reconnect with you when they have more time. Click here for more info on reconnecting.
  • Don't rush through the rest of their problem or stop teaching and do their work for them to get to an answer before time runs out. Remember, we're focused on learning, not just answers.


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