What to do when a student is low on minutes.

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Low Minutes Warning

When a student is low on minutes, a warning will display across the bottom of the page for both students and tutors. The minutes remaining will count down as the end approaches. This warning will retract to just the exclamation point at the edge of the screen so that it's out of the way for you to work, but you can pull it back up by tapping the exclamation point.



What to do when your student is low on minutes

Here are some tips for what to do when your student is low on minutes:

  • Let the student know that you're running low on time, and that you want to make sure they know how to buy minutes so that they can come back and work with our tutors again.
  • Tell the student that they can buy minutes online right away to keep the session from ending (see below). Click here for more info on buying minutes in the app.
  • Tell the student that they can buy minutes in the app or online after the session ends, then reconnect with you to keep working. Explain that they can reconnect using the Pick Tutor tab. Click here for more info on reconnecting.
  • Finish the problem you're working on, or get to a good place to stop.
  • If you don't have time to finish the problem completely, give yourself a minute to outline the rest of the steps for the student so they know where to go if they can't come back right away.

Students can buy minutes online during their session!

If a student wants to keep working without interruption, they can log in to their account at www.mathelf.com using the same email and password that they use in the app. If they purchase minutes before they run out, the session will keep going!

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