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The student Home tab is where students find tutors and request sessions. Students see tutors who are a match for their subject.


Available tutors (indicated with a green dot) are shown first. Tutors who are active but in sessions (yellow dot) are listed next, followed by any past tutors who aren't currently active but are available for booking. Within each group, a student's past tutors are listed first to make reconnecting even easier.

Students can also choose the "Or pick a tutor for me" option instead of choosing a tutor to create a Match Me request.


Choosing a Tutor and Tutor Profiles

Tapping on a tutor on the Home tab opens their profile screen. Tutor profiles contain information provided when tutors are hired, but they can be updated at any time. Contact Sarah to change any information your profile.


Students can connect with a tutor immediately using the Connect Now button if that tutor is available. This creates a direct connect request.

If a tutor is inactive or in a session, the Connect Now button will be dimmed:


Students can book a session with a tutor using the Book a Session button. Click here for more information on booked sessions. If a tutor does not have availability for booking listed, the Book button will be dimmed.


Tutors who are not available to connect right away and have no booking availability are listed as Unavailable.



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