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Booking a Session

Here's how booking sessions works for students:

  1. Find your tutor on the Home tab.


  2. Tap “Book a Session.”


  3. Select your session length.


  4. Pick your start time.



On the tutor side...

After a student books a session with you, you'll receive an email and a text message letting you know when the session is (in your time zone) and which student you'll be working with.

You'll also see your upcoming booked sessions in the upper left corner in the app. Tap that to open more details on your upcoming sessions:


You'll get a reminder message in the app and as a text message 15 minutes before your start time too.


Joining a Booked Session

Joining a booked session is very similar for students and tutors. Here are the steps:

1. Open MathElf or MathTutor. Students should not request a session in the app or try to reconnect!

Tutors do not need to be active while waiting for their session to start - in fact, we recommend that you are inactive to avoid getting requests from other students whom you won't have time to help!

2. Two minutes before your scheduled start time, the Enter Session button will appear. Tap that.


3. That's it! You'll be taken to the whiteboard and can get started as soon as both of you have joined!


Booked Session FAQ

These are the most common questions tutors have about booked sessions. If you have a question that isn't addressed here, let us know!

What times can students see as available?

Students see any times that you have listed as available which are at least one hour away.


How do I know when a student books a session with me?

You'll be notified by email and text message when a student books a session with you. You can also see your upcoming booked sessions in the upper left corner of the app.


How long is a booked session?

Students can reserve time from 15 to 120 minutes when they book a session. The reserved time is your minimum session length. If you don't have another booked session afterwards, your session can last as long as the student needs!


What do I do if my student doesn't join?

If your student hasn't joined your booked session yet, wait. The students pre-pay for their reserved duration when they book. You'll be paid for the full time even if they don't show up, so we ask that you wait for the student until the session times out. The session will time out automatically after 15 minutes if they still haven't joined and you can go back to working with other students at that point.


What if I'm not available for my booked session?

This is a terrible student experience and should definitely be avoided. Make sure that your booking availability listed is accurate and up-to-date! If some unforeseen emergency comes up, let us know as soon as possible! You can email, call our hotline at 1-800-301-1543. When you do, be sure to let us know if you would be available a little later if the student can push the start time back, or if you're not available at all. 


Can I see my upcoming booked sessions in the MathTutor app? 

Yes! In the upper left corner of the MathTutor app, you'll see a display of your current number of upcoming booked sessions. Tapping on that will open a pop up with information about your upcoming booked session.


Can students I haven't worked with in MathElf book sessions with me?

Yes. Your past students are the most likely ones to book a session with you, but other students can book a session with you if you show up in their Pick Tutor tab. You'll always be in the Pick Tutor tab for any students you have worked with in the past and any students you referred to MathElf. If a student has fewer than five past tutors who are available and you are a match for their subject, age group, and any gender preference they have set, you could be displayed on their Pick Tutor tab as well, giving them the option to book with you.

If a student would like to book a session with you and you're not in their Pick Tutor tab, they can do so by contacting or calling 1-800-301-1543!


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