What to do if a student is misbehaving.

Sarah Snyder -

Unfortunately, we do run into kids who would rather prank call us than do math. Even students who are good when they're alone are sometimes a pain when their friends are around.

If your student is goofing around...

Sometimes, this is recoverable. Feel free to tell the student that they need to pay attention and focus on their math or you'll leave to go help students who do want to work. If they continue to misbehave, let them know you're ending the session and they can come back when they're interested in working. 

Be sure to mark this student as problematic in the feedback at the end of the session. If they're a continual problem, we'll get rid of them!

If your student is being inappropriate...

Not all of our problematic students are just being silly. If your student is inappropriate, you can ban them from MathElf. This will prevent them from coming back. 

In general, we ban students for any behavior that would get them sent to the principal's office in school. Behavior like swearing, drawing/posting obscene photos, or saying rude or offensive things definitely counts. Use your best judgement. 

If you need to ban a student, here is how:

1. Mark your student as problematic in the feedback form at the end of the session.


2. When you mark the student as problematic, the refund switch will be replaced with an option to ban the student. Flip the toggle to ban before you submit. 


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