Unexpectedly going to the log in screen.

Sarah Snyder -

This is a bug that our team is working on fixing. If it happens to you, we're REALLY sorry! Here's what to do when this happens:

1. DO NOT LOG IN! You're not actually logged out, so skip logging back in to your account.

2. Force-close the app. To do this, double click your iPad's home button and swipe away the app.

3. Re-open the app.

4. If you are connected with a student, you'll be given the option to rejoin your session. Click that, and you'll be right back in the whiteboard!


5. Report the issue in the app-feedback channel on Slack. Try to include this information:

  • When did you go to the log in screen? Be as specific as possible. 
  • If you were working with a student, who was it? If you can't remember the student's name, their subject or the approximate time of day when it happened is fine.
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