Decoding audio notifications

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Connecting your audio.


This means that your audio is not connected to our system yet. It will continue to retry until it connects. If your audio fails to connect at the start of a session, you'll get this message:



Audio connected. Waiting for others to join.


This means your audio is connected and the student's audio isn't.

At the start of a session:

If this is on the screen at the start of a session, give it a few seconds. Student audio doesn't start to connect until after yours does. While the student's audio is connecting, you'll see these dancing dots in place of the red exclamation point:


During a session:

If this message appears during a session, the student's audio has disconnected unexpectedly. It could be an issue with the student's internet, but it could also mean that the student has left without ending the session. Here's what to do:

Write on the screen asking the student to write back if they are still there.

  • If the student doesn't write back after a few seconds, they are no longer in the session. Go ahead and end the session.
  • If the student does write back, but their audio is still not connected, suggest that they end the session and reconnect with you. The work you've done will still show up in your new session!

Click here for more info on this!


Audio Connected.


When you see this message in a box in the upper right corner of the whiteboard, it means that audio has connected on both sides. You will also hear a xylophone alert sound when audio has connected. The audio notification box will disappear about one second after audio connects. 


Audio Connecting.


This message means that your audio has not connected and is trying to connect. 


If audio isn't connecting for one of you...

This almost always means that your internet is unstable. Audio doesn't require your internet to be fast, but it does need it to stay connected and not to be jumping dramatically between fast and slow. The person whose audio isn't working can try resetting their internet, switching to a different network, or moving somewhere that might have a stronger signal.


If you can't hear each other when audio is connected...

If you don't see any audio notifications, but still can't hear each other, it's usually something simple. Here are a few things to try:

  • The person who can't hear should try turning up their volume. In-app volume is different than other volume settings on a device, so sometimes it is turned down without the person realizing it. 
  • If the student is using a headset, ask them to try unplugging it and see if they can hear through their device. If they can, their headset is the problem. 
  • If you are using a headset, try disconnecting it to see if your headset could be the problem.
  • If the person who can't hear isn't using a headset, but does sometimes connect to a Bluetooth headset, they should make sure that their sound isn't accidentally going to the headset.
  • If none of those things work, apologize to the student and suggest that you end the session and reconnect to reset the audio connections.
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