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Active Status

To see incoming students, you will need to set your status to Active by flipping the status toggle at the top of the screen.

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When you are done tutoring for the day, be sure to set your status back to Inactive. You don't want to miss requests from students who think you're available to help when you aren't.

To help prevent these misses, we have a few safeguards. We'll send you a message to make sure that you're still there if:

  • You haven't interacted with the app for 15 minutes.
  • You missed a direct connect request.

If you don't confirm that you're still present, you'll be switched to inactive after 1 minute.

If you're away from your iPad and need to set yourself to inactive, you'll find that option on the MathElf website. Log in to your tutor account at www.mathelf.com and go to your Profile page to change status:


Active Tutors List

In the upper right corner of the Home tab, you'll see a display of the number of tutors who are currently active. Tap that to expand and see which tutors are active as well as who is in a session. Next to the name of each tutor who is in a session, you'll see a colored box with more information about their session.


Booked Sessions Display

In the upper left corner, you'll see a display of your current number of upcoming booked sessions. If you tap on the number of booked sessions, a pop up will display information about your upcoming booked session.


Home Tab

The Home Tab is where you will find information about the other tutors who are working and online students. This is also where you'll see claim cards for incoming student requests.


Whether you are active or inactive, you'll see information about the courses covered by other active tutors. This is a great way to see how many other people are waiting for requests in the areas that you also cover. Subjects and age groups that don't apply to you will be greyed out. 

Click here for more information about claim cards and claiming sessions. 

Sessions Tab

In the Sessions Tab, you can view your recent sessions. Download work to view the final whiteboard notes as a *.pdf or play the session's video replay to watch the whole thing. 


Use the Message student option to start a message thread with that student. Click here for more details about messaging.


Activity Tab

The Activity tab shows information about recent requests. This can help you determine what happened with a request you saw or even when we're missing requests in your subjects to plan ahead for when to work later.


Requests which were not a match for you are greyed out to make it easier for you to scan the relevant requests. 

Tap on the photos to make them bigger.


Account Tab

The Account tab displays your MathElf account info. The email address and phone number displayed will be used to send you notifications about requests from students and upcoming sessions, so be sure to keep them current. You can update that information by emailing [email protected] or contacting Sarah.

If you'd like to see your MathElf profile which is displayed to students, tap "Preview Profile" under your name to see an image of your profile. Make changes to your picture at en.gravatar.com. If you want to change any of the text displayed, contact Sarah or email [email protected]


You'll also be able to see your total number of past reconnect and booked sessions. 

You can use the Account tab to change your password or sign out of the MathTutor app.


Another great feature on the Account tab is the Scratchpad. The Scratchpad lets you go to the whiteboard without being connected to a student. Use it to practice using MathElf tools, write out notes for students, or even keep track of your grocery list! You can use the export/share button at the top of the page to send notes from the Scratchpad to yourself or others through email, Slack, or other options.


On the MathElf Website

See your weekly earnings

Tutors can view their weekly earnings by following these steps:

1. Go to www.mathelf.com.

2. Click Sign In at the top of the page:


3. Sign in using the same email and password that are used to log in in the app. 


4. Click Earnings at the top of the page to view your past sessions and total earnings.


Your pay period days and times are shown below the green bar. After the end of a pay period, your earnings for that pay period will continue to be shown until the end of the day on Monday. 

Past Sessions

Below your weekly earnings, you'll also see information about your past sessions, including student name, date and time, duration, and per-session earnings. Click Show All at the bottom to display older sessions.

Use the links for Notes and Video to access whiteboard notes or video replay of your past sessions.


You can also update your availability on the website. Click here for details.


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