Reconnecting with Past Students

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Students often want to keep working with the same tutor after having a great experience. We make it easy to book future sessions or to reconnect right away if the tutor is available when the student wants to meet!

If you reconnect with a student within a few hours, your whiteboard notes from the past session will be there - just go back to those pages. This is especially helpful if a session gets cut off! 

On the student side...

When a student opens the MathElf app, they are taken to their Home tab. There, they'll see all of their past tutors. Tutors who are available to connect right away are listed first!


After selecting the tutor they want to work with from the list, they'll see that tutor's profile page:


On a tutor's profile screen, students can connect with that tutor immediately using the Connect Now button if that tutor is available. If a tutor is not available at the time, the Connect Now button will be disabled:



On the tutor side...

When a student chooses to reconnect with you, their request will only be shown to you. Reconnect requests have a purple banner and claim button:


In addition to the notification on your iPad, you'll get a text message to let you know that a student is requesting to work with you again.

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