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Students have lots of options for buying minutes! They can purchase minutes during a session, in the app, or even on our web page!

During a Session

Students can purchase minutes during a session when their minutes run low! Audio will stay connected even if they run out of minutes so that you can help talk your student (or their parent) through the process and answer any questions that they might have. After your student adds minutes, they'll be able to continue working with you without being disconnected!

When your student has only a few minutes left, set expectations.

  • Tell the student that they are almost out of minutes and that the option to buy minutes will appear when their minutes run out. They can also tap "Buy More" in the banner at the bottom of their screen to see the options for buying minutes right away!
  • Explain that they can buy minutes now and your session will not end - you can go back to work right away!
  • Also explain that, if they can't buy minutes now, they can do it later on the Buy tab (see below).
  • If your student is not a college student or adult, it's a great idea to ask if you can talk to a parent to help them buy minutes!

Here's what your student will see when their minutes run out or if they click the Buy option on their low minutes warning:


When your student is looking at the options for buying minutes, we'll display this on your screen to let you know:


You can use this time to talk to the students about buying minutes or using the My Tutors tab to work with you again, but you shouldn't continue with the session until they have purchased minutes and can see the whole screen again.

As soon as the student taps "cancel" to get this info off the screen without buying minutes, the session will immediately end if they have run out of minutes.

If the student chooses a minutes package, they'll be prompted to enter credit card information:



On the Buy tab in the app

When a student is not in a session, they can add minutes on the Buy tab in the app. 

Here's what the Buy tab looks like for students on iPad:


Here's what the Buy tab looks like for students on iPhone:


Similar to the flow during a session, students select the minutes package which they want to buy. Afterwards, they are prompted to enter credit card information to complete their purchase.



On the MathElf website

Students can also purchase minutes during or outside of a session by signing in at! They should use the same email address and password that they use in the app to sign in.


Important Information about Buying Minutes

- Minutes can be purchased with any major credit card or prepaid card sponsored by a major credit card company. We don't accept PayPal, iTunes money, Apple Pay, or any other options.

- Prices are listed in US dollars, but students can purchase minutes no matter where they are. The current exchange rate will be used at the time of the transaction.

- After purchasing minutes, auto reload will be on unless students disable it. Auto reload automatically adds minutes to a student's account when they are running low so that their sessions don't get cut off from running out of minutes.

Click here for a video on the student app, including the Buy tab!

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