Student whiteboard

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Students using iPads

The student whiteboard for students on an iPad is really similar to the tutor whiteboard. The biggest differences are:

  • Students cannot change pages.
  • Students do not have a mute button or elapsed session time.

Here's what the student whiteboard looks like on iPad:



Students using iPhones

Students on iPhones don't have as many tools because there just isn't space on their smaller screens. Here is what the student whiteboard looks like on iPhone:


How can I tell which device my student is using?

If you're working with a student on an iPad, the page will be the full width of your screen because your screen dimensions are the same. If you're working with a student on an iPhone, you'll see a grey bar at the right edge of the screen to make your page dimensions match theirs.



Extra Student Tools

Students do have one button that works differently for tutors and students. If your student taps their remaining minutes, it will open the buying minutes modal on their screen. Click here to learn more about students buying minutes during sessions.


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