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Sarah Snyder -

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One way to get your sessions off to a great start and also reduce the number of quick hang ups you experience is to start with a great greeting. Not all of our students are expecting audio, and some of them are pretty nervous about talking to a stranger. Through tons of trial and error, talking to students, and listening to sessions, we’ve found that something like “Hi, welcome to MathElf! I’m ___, and I’ll be your tutor today.” works really well.

In many sessions where the first thing a student hears is “Can you hear me?” they hang up. That is scary to kids. Even one-word greetings, like "hi," catch them off guard and increase the panicky hang-ups. Most students will stick around to hear the whole greeting, and by then if they feel like you’re a nice person who is ready to help, they’re way more likely to stay and work. This won’t be the case all of the time, but trust me - it makes a big difference.

Anything you say 10 times in a day is going to start to sound weird. Feel free to mix it up a little. The important points are to be welcoming, introduce yourself, and let the student know that you’re the person who is there to help them with math.

If it’s a reconnect or student you know you’ve worked with before, definitely “Welcome back!” makes more sense than introducing yourself, but those students are already more comfortable with you.


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