Welcome your student

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Welcome your student like you would if you were meeting in person at the start of each session as soon as they connect.

Standard greeting

Standard greeting: “Hi, (student name), welcome to MathElf! I’m (your name). How can I help you today?”

1) Welcome students with positive energy.
2) Only use the student’s name if you can pronounce it.
3) Don’t say “Can you hear me?” right away. If you don't get a response after your greeting, try a prompt like "How are you doing?" or ask about their math problem and see if they respond to that first.
4) Look to see if they are Free Students. If yes, handle them as such.

Students you've worked with before

1) If it’s a student you’ve worked with before, then feel free to skip the standard greeting. Instead, welcome them back.
2) You don't introduce yourself again.
3) If you recall any details from their last session, bringing them up can be a great way to connect with your student. For example, ask how their test went if you know they just had one.

How to tell you've worked with a student before:
1) Tap the student avatar (initials) during the session. 
2) At the top of their profile display, you'll see a gold banner noting the date of your last session together if you've worked together before: 



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