How to get the most out of Slack messages

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If you'd like to receive these notifications when you're away from your computer or iPad,  download Slack on your phone from the App Store or Google Play Store. 
To ensure you're getting notifications most relevant to you and aren't bothered by ones that aren't, update your Slack settings. Instructions for our suggested settings are below, but feel free to use the settings that are best for you.

How to update your Slack notifications:

Open your Slack preferences. Go to and sign in. Click "MathElf" in the upper left corner, then choose "Preferences."


2. Decide when to get notifications. Choose the middle option to only get notifications that are most relevant to you:


With this setting, you'll only get notifications:
- when a post includes one of your keywords
- when you are @-mentioned
- if @channel is used
- when someone sends you a direct-message.

If there are some channels where you want notifications for every message or no messages at all, you can set that in the channel-specific settings at the bottom of the page.

You'll still be able to read any posts in Slack when you open it, whether you get a notification or not.

3. Set up your keywords.
To get the best notifications about #work-availability, we recommend adding any subjects and age groups you cover and the phrase: 
     There are 0 tutors available right now.

Here are the subjects and age groups we'll be using to help you choose keywords:

     1st Grade
     2nd Grade
     3rd Grade
     4th Grade
     5th Grade     
     6th Grade
     7th Grade
     8th Grade
     Elementary School
     Middle School
     High School

4. Set Do Not Disturb hours if there are times when you don't want any notifications. Make sure the times you want to be notified aren't listed and edit your Slack time zone if it isn't correct.

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