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Sessions with any paying users will have in-session video.

Here's how video works:
At the start of the session
Sessions start with video open in full screen. This is a great opportunity to greet your student! Be sure you are on screen when your student joins. It can also be helpful to stay in full-screen video mode while you're talking about what the student is working on and getting some background to help with your session.
Students might not be aware of video or start on screen. Most of the time, we see students shift to being in the video once they realize it's there. 
Full screen video or whiteboard mode
Video can be full screen or minimized to access the whiteboard. Tutors have control. When you are in full screen video, so is your student. When you go to the whiteboard, they will too.
When video is maximized, video of your student will take up the whole screen. You'll see your video in the bottom right corner. Your student's screen will be similar, but with the tutor and student videos reversed.
To minimize the video and go to the whiteboard, tap the arrows in the bottom left corner. You or the student can tap the red x (or end session button) in the upper left to end the session. 
When you're in the whiteboard, your student's video will be in the bottom left and your video will disappear (your student can still see you!). Tap the arrows inside the small video to maximize the video again.
Video Tools and Options - Full screen video
In full screen video mode, you and the student will both be able to choose which filter you'd like to use for the video of yourselves. Tap the video of yourself to toggle between filters:

Changing your filter does not change your student's filter. Your filter choice from full screen video will stay when you minimize video to use the whiteboard, but you can only change filters in full screen video mode.
When using full screen video, a preview of your student's uploaded picture will display next to the video of yourself. Tap the image preview to enlarge it.

IMG_1531.PNG IMG_1506.PNG

Video Tools and Options - Whiteboard
The student's whiteboard screen will be similar to yours with a small video of the tutor is shown in the bottom left corner. You can tap the video of the student to see yourself (what the student sees). 
If you want to reposition the video display in the whiteboard, drag it to any other corner of the screen. When you move the video display, it will also move the student's video display to the same corner.
Here's how to tell a session will have video:
All sessions with paying users will have video. 
Sessions with video will have a video icon on the claim button:
Booked sessions will also have video!
You'll also notice the the app tells you it's connecting your video, rather than your audio at the start of the session:
Just like with audio, student video begins connecting after your video has connected.
Click here for tips on using in-session video and video clips of real sessions!
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