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Sarah Snyder -

It's a great idea to explain to your students how to buy minutes or work together again later!


What should you do?
1. Create a new page in your whiteboard.
2. Go to the Settings menu at the top left and select the Reconnect or Buy Minutes paper type to display helpful images about each topic.
3. Briefly explain how it works. You can even use the info on the page as a cheat sheet!


When should you use these?
- If your student hasn’t purchased minutes, talk about buying minutes! You can see if they have purchased minutes before by tapping on their initials at the top of the screen. Remember - if they do buy minutes, you’ll get a bonus!
- If this is your first time working with a student, talk about working together again! Repeat students are a great way to get more work!


Be prepared for questions!
Your student or their parent may have some additional questions! 
- Click here to learn more about buying minutes!
- Click here to learn more about reconnecting and booking!


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