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What is Tutor Plus?

Tutor Plus is a part of our Tutor Levels program, which rewards tutors who consistently run exceptional sessions. We currently have two tutor levels: regular and plus.

Everyone starts out as a regular MathElf and, over time, tutors can earn the Tutor Plus status. Tutors who are selected for Tutor Plus will be notified by email.


What are the benefits of being Tutor Plus?

If a MathElf student does not have at least three past tutors who are available to connect right away displaying on their Pick Tutor tab, we'll add available Tutor Plus tutors who are a match for that student until at least three available tutors are shown. We'll fill in regular tutors if there aren't enough past tutors or Tutor Plus tutors available who are a match for that student, but Tutor Plus tutors are given priority. This means that Tutor Plus tutors will have the opportunity to receive more direct connect requests, particularly from first time students.

Note: Tutor levels do not affect routing for Match Me requests.


How do I become Tutor Plus?

Tutor Plus is determined by the MathElf HQ team based on the following factors:

- Session Reviews -- Tutors who consistently run outstanding sessions and receive positive feedback in session reviews will be considered for Tutor Plus.

- Sessions with First Time Users -- Tutors who deliver excellent demos of the app during their sessions with first time MathElf students, where students speak, write, add a photo, and leave with a strong sense of how the app works and what to expect next time will be considered for Tutor Plus. Click here for more information on having great sessions with first time MathElf students!

- Familiarity with MathElf -- To be considered for Tutor Plus, tutors must be familiar with both the student and tutor apps, be able to answer common and uncommon student questions, and be able to make the best use of all of the tools during sessions.

Low Miss Rate -- In order to be eligible for Tutor Plus, tutors must have maintained a low rate of missed requests - including direct connects, reconnects, and referrals. Tutors are considered to have a low miss rate if they miss less than 10% of their requests in a two week period, or fewer than 5 requests if they've received fewer than 50 total requests in that time.


Can Tutor Plus tutors lose their status?

Yes. Tutor Plus tutors who do not maintain good session quality will be returned to the regular tutor level. Tutor Plus tutors can also be returned to the regular tutor level if they do not meet the low miss rate standard. 

Tutors who have lost their Tutor Plus status will be eligible to be reconsidered for Tutor Plus after meeting the Tutor Plus standards again in the future.


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