Everything you need to know about referring students

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You can refer new students to MathElf using your invite link or referral code. Here’s how it works:


Where do you find your invite link?

  • You should have received an email with your link and code
  • It’s also available in your Profile on the website and in the app

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How do students sign up?

  • New students who click on your invite link from an iPhone or iPad will be sent to your unique page where they can download the app
  • New students can also enter your referral code during sign-up

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How do you connect with students?

  • You’ll show up at the top of their Pick Tutor list
  • Requests from referred students are titled “Referral” and have a green claim button and banner


What does this mean for you?

  • Give your students 30 free minutes
  • Be at the top of their tutor list
  • Expand your student roster
  • Receive more direct requests
  • Grow Reconnects & Booked sessions
  • Ensure your students get the help they need


Where do I share my link?

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