How do I submit my application video?

Sarah Snyder -

Record yourself explaining the solution to a math problem from our list below. You will be assessed on math knowledge, teaching style, and communication.

1. Choose your math problem.

  • Please choose a math problem to use for your video from this list.

2. Record your video.

  • Your recording should include:
    • A brief description of yourself and your teaching/tutoring experience.
    • A thorough explanation of your chosen problem, as though you were helping a student.
  • Please use a whiteboard recording app to record your video. Feel free to use your favorite, but here are some suggestions.
    • If you have an iPad: ShowMe is a free whiteboard app available for iPad. For tips on downloading and using Show Me, click here. ShowMe is also available on certain Android devices.
    • If you don’t have an iPad: Lensoo Create is a free whiteboard app available for Android and iPhone. For tips on using Lensoo Create, click here.

3. Send your video to

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