Refunding a student

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Refunding a student

You can refund an entire tutoring session using the refund switch at the end of a session.

When to use the refund switch: Any time you couldn’t help a student.

When NOT to use the refund switch: Any other time.
- Possible technical/app issues - Report in #bugs.
- Refunds for only part of a session - Report in #hq-support or reach out to Sarah with details.

Here’s how it works:
1. You realize you can’t help a student.
2. Apologize, let them know they can request another tutor right away to get help, and tell them you’ll refund their minutes.
3. Flip the switch to refund minutes in the session feedback after the session ends.
4. Student minutes appear back on their account right away.
5. Your pay for the session is reduced to 2 minutes for sessions that lasted longer than 1 minute and to 1 minute for shorter sessions.

The refund switch is in the session feedback section after a session ends. If the switch is off, the student will NOT be refunded.


Flipping this switch to on will result in a student refund:



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